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Sulog hp-ux version

images sulog hp-ux version

Run sendmail from cron. Old version, no longer supported: 11i v1. Schultz Bill Veghte. Switch off inetd daemons you don't need on firewalls: remove everything except maybe ftp and use ssh for login. Error messages are assigned priorities.

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  • The sulog file is a record of all attempts by users on the system to execute the su(1M) command. Each time su(1M) is executed, an entry is added to the sulog file. The user id of the user executing the su(1M) command. also it appears that sulog logs the real user ID rather than effective ID as. Unless your version of sudo is very old, the command "sudo -i" will.

    images sulog hp-ux version

    Solved: For some reason it looks like sulog and syslog are not noting all user logins. who -u: oradba ttyp4 Oct 5 Unix Administrator_6.
    Accounting degrades performance somewhat. Use secure NFS. Retrieved 9 March These are automatically trimmed if accounting is switched on, otherwise a cron entry should be created to trim then just before the year end if there's enough disk space. Thu Feb 23 timezone Notes : The permissions column above lists left to right nobody unauthenticated usersowner, group, world all authenticated users permissions.

    Disable or change default passwords.

    Thu Feb 23 cred T rrmcdrmcdr server1.

    images sulog hp-ux version
    Sulog hp-ux version
    Access is granted without a password if the files. There is a major security hole [12] when rpc. They both have a GUI, making initial use easier.

    These entries allow NIS users or netgroups of users access to the machine. A directory containing such files had its suid bit set and was made hidden from both ordinary and root processes under normal use. Thu Feb 23 services T rrmcdrmcdr admin.

    All attempts to become another user are logged in /var/adm/sulog, including failures.

    Hewlett-Packard Company - 1 - HP-UX 11i Version 2: August su( 1). Tools and Techniques for Linux and Unix Administration Æleen Frisch HP-UX / var/adm/sulog Linux Within /var/log/messages Tru64 /var/adm/sialog Solaris Command summary utilities Command Unix versions Displays information about.


    There is no file for sulog, but the location to view the logs are /var/log/msecure. f_ under another OS like HP-Ux/SCO/Solaris. you can configure it.
    Old version. Check through the resources listed in Appendix C. Hewlett Packard. HP Global Workload Management adjusts workloads to optimize performance, and integrates with Instant Capacity on Demand so installed resources can be paid for in minute increments as needed for peak workload demands.

    IT Security Cookbook Securing UNIX 1


    images sulog hp-ux version
    Sulog hp-ux version
    Useful for problem diagnosis. Thu Feb 23 netgroup T rrmcdrmcdr admin. Solaris 1: Install shadow password files e. Solaris 2. See the "Operating System Overview" chapter.

    Please discuss further on the talk page.

    Administering User and System Security -- HP-UX System Administrator's Guide: Security Management: HP-UX 11i Version 3, HP Part Number '', Publication Date Examine /var/adm/sulog for attempts to use the su root command. Selected info on administering an HP-UX system. This is taken from a document that described the administration of acad1 when it was running HP-UX version.

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    list the last n bad login attempts pg /var/adm/sulog -- see who has tried to use su. Linux: Use the pam_wheel module in the su file. su log file AIX: /var/adm/sulog FreeBSD: /var/log/messages HP-UX: /var/adm/sulog Linux: /var/log/messages.
    The logging volume can be huge if naughty daemons like rpc.

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    Older version, still supported. A few home made scripts for monitoring logs, login times, dangerous files, network interfaces, and empty passwords e.

    They are also used for system accounting in Solaris. There is no utmpx in SunOS.

    images sulog hp-ux version
    Sulog hp-ux version
    They both have a GUI, making initial use easier.

    If possible, automate patch installation via Jumpstart on Suns to allow easy synchronising of patch versions on all machines.

    images sulog hp-ux version

    Useful for problem diagnosis. It is recommended to create "weekly" as opposed to "daily" reports. July CH domains are created modified via the Web, see www. A system administrator who regularly checks logs will learn a lot about how the system functions, can guarantee less downtime and at the same time should notice when security breaches occur, especially if alerts are used.


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      Disable or change default passwords. There is no wtmpx in SunOS.

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      Solaris 2. On most UNIX systems Syslog offers some interesting possibilities: Centralise server logs on a separate more secure machine, with no user logins.

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      Thu Feb 23 networks T rrmcdrmcdr admin.