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Fauna colombia wikipedia colombian

images fauna colombia wikipedia colombian

Namespaces Article Talk. Main article: Andean natural region. The Guajira Peninsula in the east is semiarid. David Vanegas is playing on the equivalent Challenge Tour with the prospect of promotion to the European Tour. Stelis argentata. Namespaces Article Talk.

  • The fauna of Colombia is characterized by a high biodiversity, with the highest rate of species endemism[edit]. According to the Colombian Ministry of Environment, the following ecoregions have the highest percentage of endemic species.

    images fauna colombia wikipedia colombian

    Colombian chachalaca, Ortalis columbiana Egretta thula of the Tayrona national park, · white-tailed starfrontlet. The Flora of Colombia is characterized byspecies of plants that have been described within Colombian territory.

    Victoria amazonica grows in the.
    The semiarid Guajira Peninsula and Guajira-Barranquilla xeric scrubin the extreme north, bear little resemblance to the rest of the region. Biodiversity of Colombia. However, the Colombian Navy protects such territories with the use of force when necessary to avoid foreign invasion and the islands are home to 2 important bases for defense and custom controls, formerly used for research of classified projects with civilian assistance as the local universities often research in the area of oceanography and marine biology but also in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, immunology and Colombia is known for its advances in medical fields in experimental surgery, breast implant development or prosthetics and immunology and these facilities serve as containment and secure experimentation labs to complement those in Barranquilla and other undisclosed locations within the coast territories.

    Despite having a legislation against animal trafficking, Colombia is one of the major sources and routes for animal trafficking in the world.

    Mata mataChelus fimbriatus. Its spacious drainage area is fed by numerous mountain torrents originating high in the snowfields.

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    images fauna colombia wikipedia colombian
    Fauna colombia wikipedia colombian
    Oncidium ensatum.

    Currently, Camilo Villegas is the most recognized Colombian golfer in the world. The spectacled bear another rare mammal species, similar to the giant panda in Asia.

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    Endemics can easily become endangered or extinct due to their restricted habitat and vulnerability to the actions of man, including the introduction of new organisms. Air Force Army Navy.

    Colombia officially the Republic of Colombia (Spanish: About this sound República de To refer to this country, the Colombian government uses the terms Colombia and.

    It classified plants and wildlife, and founded the first astronomical. Animal rights in Colombia refers to topics related to Animal rights in Colombia. The Colombian constitution does not recognize animal rights. Law 84 of stipulates a statute to protect animals, with the exception of.

    This is a list of the mammal species recorded in Colombia.

    Of the mammals in Colombia, four. Colombian forest mouse, Chilomys instans LR/lc.
    Included in the hot zone and interrupting the temperate area of the Andean highlands are the long and narrow extension of the Magdalena Valley and a small extension in the Cauca Valley. The rainy side of a mountain may be lush and green, while the other side, in the rain shadow, may be parched.

    Colombia is the country with the second-highest biodiversity in the world, behind Brazil. Restrepia teaguei. Natural rights. Stanhopea stevensonii. Pleurothallis tubata.

    images fauna colombia wikipedia colombian
    Fauna colombia wikipedia colombian
    The southern and eastern portions of the country are mostly sparsely inhabited tropical rainforest, and inland tropical plains containing large estates or large livestock farms, oil and gas production facilities, small farming communities and indigenous tribes.

    Elevation extremes: lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 m highest point: Pico Cristobal Colon 5, m note: nearby Pico Simon Bolivar also has the same elevation. Cattleya percivaliana.

    images fauna colombia wikipedia colombian

    Categories : Flora of Colombia. With the introduction of inline skates in Colombia during the s, roller skating became widely practiced throughout most of the main cities in the country.

    Trichomycterus gorgona.

    The Republic of Colombia is largely situated in the northwest of South America, with some Despite its large territory, Colombia's population is not evenly distributed, with most.

    Macarena, an outlier of the Andes has unique vegetation and wildlife believed to be reminiscent of those that once existed throughout the Andes. Sports in Colombia includes professional sports leagues, as well as amateur leagues for numerous sports.

    Football, cycling and roller skating are the most. Humpack whales Colombia, animals in Colombia, Colombian animals. Photo: Wikipedia.

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    Colombia is one of the best places in the world to see.
    In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Oncidium varicosum. The Caribbean region merges next to and is connected with the Andean highlands through the two great river valleys.

    images fauna colombia wikipedia colombian

    Stanhopea annulata. Green iguana.

    images fauna colombia wikipedia colombian
    Most of the country's commerce moves through Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, and the other ports located along this important coast.

    Phragmipedium warszewiczianum. Tupinambis teguixingold tegu or Colombian tegu. Masdevallia veitchiana. Oncidium flexuosum.


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      Main articles: List of non-marine molluscs of Colombia and List of marine molluscs of Colombia.

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      Heliconia bourgaeana.

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      The Cordillera Occidental is relatively low and is the least populated of the three cordilleras.

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      Phragmipedium schlimii.