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Clipflair download youtube

images clipflair download youtube

I can't use my video in ClipFlair If you don't want to use one of the clips of the Galleryyou can drag and drop your own video in your activity. July Page 66 A Component is like a card: when you flip it over you see its back panel options. There were only minor issues with the revoicing component some fragments were recorded but could not be heard by students, and there was some overlapping between July Page 41 However, as teachers they would recommend the materials to pupils for individual work at home, but in class they will use them only on the condition they had easy access to computers, which is unlikely, and if the pupils were computer literate enough to focus on the language task. The second block, About the ClipFlair Activity, aims to describe the learner experience with the activity. Summary of piloted activities…………………………………………………………………………………12 Table 2. Thus, they were willingly learning the methodology how to use audiovisual materials in language learning, how to use interactive learning environment for learning and teaching languages, how to include multimodal translation into teaching and learning with technology, but they were not willing to invest their time and effort in filling in project questionnaires for free. How do I add a new Component? TLU Winter School

  • ClipFlair Foreign Language Learning through Interactive Revoicing and Captioning of Clips
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  • ClipFlair Pilot Use Report

  • What are the System requirements for ClipFlair Studio? First you have to download the video from YouTube (preferably with Miro) and then convert it to.

    wmv. ClipFlair is a web platform for foreign language learning through revoicing & captioning The Gallery offers more than Clipflair activities to help the learner.

    Video: Clipflair download youtube How To Take Down A Venetian Blind - How to Remove a Venetian Blind / mini blinds

    8 8 ClipFlair basics Click here to watch a three-minute videohere. Download ppt "ClipFlair: Foreign Language Learning through Interactive Revoicing and.
    There was an excursion to the language centre, during which Clipflair project was introduced and leaflets distributed. The fourth and last block is About the learner.

    ClipFlair Foreign Language Learning through Interactive Revoicing and Captioning of Clips

    Move the cursor to the Title Bar and drag and drop the Component around the Container. A key aspect raised informally by learners was obtaining support while carrying out the activity. How do I delete a caption? Then click the wrench icon to flip the Component and view its options.

    images clipflair download youtube
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    If you prefer to, you can start from scratch.

    July Page 66 Upcoming SlideShare. I think the exercises are very useful. The deadline to pilot the activities and to submit both questionnaires is 17th May Published on Oct 29, Completed studies [Source: Deliverable first pilot test ]

    At ClipFlair Gallery, apart from opening a ClipFlair activity in ClipFlair Studio, downloading of an activity .clipflair) file is also supported.

    Workarround IE11 changing download file extension to .zip George Birbilis zoomicon

    One can verify that the fix works now by downloading a sample ClipFlair Activity from Chinese plastic homewares cloth clip, US $ - / Bag, Plastic, Zhejiang, China (Mainland), from Taizhou Flair Home Products Co., Ltd.

    Cancel Save. The Container is where activity authors create, edit, save and load their Activity. To add a new caption pause the video at the moment you want the caption to appear.

    Two more teachers Sara Buscio and Alessandro Luchetti piloted activities within NUI Galway, while three others peer-reviewed and carried out individual pilots of some of the Irish-language activities.

    images clipflair download youtube

    Autumn The UAB team will collect all the data from the submitted questionnaires and will post it in Redmine as an Excel file. What is a ClipFlair Activity?

    images clipflair download youtube
    Clipflair download youtube
    This block also includes an item regarding technical problems.

    When you have finished reading your translation aloud, click on.

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    She asked for authoring tools to July Page 55 Main types of technical problems Then click on the wrench icon at the top-right corner of the Component. All partners should use the following forms after the piloting of each activity.

    ClipFlair Pilot Use Report Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF It would be very useful to use videos from YouTube, without downloading. Actualmente participa en el proyecto europeo Clipflair de diseño de tareas .

    18 La escena se puede ver en ?v= WBrKT_7t1Uk&feature=plcp.

    images clipflair download youtube

    21 Para descargar el programa gratuitamente váyase a.
    July Page 47 July Page 61 Sign in to report inappropriate content. Aaron Exploresviews.

    How do I add my voice to the clip? I think this is a very useful web, given the low number of available webs to learn languages currently It's an interesting activity and useful for improving your knowledge on this language.

    images clipflair download youtube

    The basics.

    images clipflair download youtube
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    They worked in groups of four.

    ClipFlair Pilot Use Report

    Can I zoom the Container and how do I do that? Revoicing is to add voice to a clip. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. There are 23 questionnaires that cannot be related to a particular activity due to missing data.

    Also, they found ClipFlair Studio easy to use and enjoyed writing the captions.


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      The fourth and last block is About the learner.

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      They refused to do it as they had to follow a strict plan and syllabi of the courses which had been approved the management team and the supervising local authorities a year before. July Page 47