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Abu l nuqoud walkthrough for kingdom

images abu l nuqoud walkthrough for kingdom

Whatever you do, do not drop back into the courtyard below. With Vidic's key pen you lifted, you're now able to read his emails as well as Lucy's. Once the speech is over, if you're not using the Scholars, go down the alley to the south, tackle the lunatic out of the way, then climb the building and go up the ladder up there. From there, make your way to the assassins' bureau to end the mission. Stand under one of the wooden scaffoldings and run up the wall so that Altair pokes through a hole in the top platform.

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  • You will receive two new skills. The first one is the ability to grab ledges when you're falling. The second is the grab break technique.

    Leave and go to Damascus. Assassin's Creed Gameplay Walkthrough Part 20 - Assassinate Abu'l Nuqoud.

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    Platform: PC Don't forget to press Like and Subscribe if You like my video and. Now then, this walkthrough that I made contains 80% of the Trophies. Assassin's Creed - Part 14 - Memory Block 4 (1 of 9) Damascus - Abu'l Nuqoud (1 of 3) . Assassin's Creed all King Richard Flags in Kingdom ().
    After finish reading his emails, go to bed and start the next day.

    Go south and jump back out and across to the patio at the southwest end of the courtyard, before you get to the enclosed room at the end of the hallway. The assassination target is located in the very northeast corner of the Poor District.

    Assassin's Creed Walkthrough/guide

    Make your way to the marker on your map and a cut scene will take over, introducing the target Majd Addin. There are beams above both entrances which are accessible from both outside and within the walled off area, so you can get in either way.

    images abu l nuqoud walkthrough for kingdom
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    From this rooftop you can stand right above the wooden stage on which Addin is making his demonstration.

    images abu l nuqoud walkthrough for kingdom

    The rest of the View Points are fairly straightforward — take out the guards at the bottom and on the surrounding rooftops, then climb up. But watch out—there's a Templar up there. Ignore the archers around you and make a run for the northern edge of the walkway where you can scale another building.

    Abstergo is a Templar organisation.

    Assassins Creed Walkthrough Memory Block 4

    When the king rides off, follow William back into the fortress.

    GameSpot's Game Guide to Assassin's Creed features the following items: . Hop onto it and start galloping towards the Kingdom point on your map. When you reach the . Damascus Assassination: Abu'l Nuqoud.

    Head to. Kingdom go - when quickly needing to cross through the Kingdom, just Status : Assassinate Abu'l Nuqoud (MEM4ABU) Head back to the. Assassin's Creed at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies.

    There's a tall wall surrounding the area with Abu'l Nuqoud.
    Wait for his buddy to walk away, then follow behind the target while he's in the covered area. From there you can jump around to the northeast wall and then back out into the city.

    When you've explored and mapped out the area, it's time to carry out the investigation. For the southeastern View Point atop the large building, you can gain access from the southwest by taking out the guard on the nearby rooftop, then crossing a narrow pathway and starting out climbing up the backside of the columns over there up to the roof.

    The target is located in the southern tip of the Rich District. Whenever you go back to a city, drop in first at the Bureau to learn about your next target from the Bureau Leader.

    William is at the citadel, talking to King Richard.

    images abu l nuqoud walkthrough for kingdom
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    First get onto the tall castle walls that surround the perimeter of Acre. Hidden category: Sub-pages.

    images abu l nuqoud walkthrough for kingdom

    Synchronize there to start your exploration of the Poor district. Make your way south toward the target, but be prepared to reach a massive barrier. Make your way to the marker on your map and a cut scene will take over, introducing the target Majd Addin. This is the one View Point you need to see all the rest.

    The entrances are, naturally, blocked by guards, forcing you to scale an adjacent building so you can jump over the wall and into the palace.


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      The surrounding guards won't be able to see you grab his goods.

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      Guards go nuts and the crowd goes even more nuts, so quickly flee the scene of the crime and return to the assassins' bureau to end the mission.

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      You'll need to approach from the rooftops, but there are guards up there too. Before get into the Animus, walk up to Vidic to steal his pen.